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What are You Serving AFTER Thanksgiving Dinner?

We all know what’s on the shopping list for a great Thanksgiving dinner: a nice plump turkey, some yummy stuffing, cranberry sauce, maybe a pecan pie. But what kind of fun is on the menu for the stretch of time between clearing the table and the ride home?

At Teich Toys & Books, we’ve got some ideas to help your family have some fun together after your meal:

– Classic board games like “Trouble” and “Sorry” and modern favorites like “Apples to Apples” are always a hit with a wide age range of players.

– DIY craft kits like the “Arts and Crafts Library” will help keep the whole crew occupied for hours.

– And a movement oriented game like “Twister” is great for working off that second helping of sweet potatoes.

Stop by the store—we'd love to help you pick out some family fun for your guests of all ages!

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