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Squishy Balls Lab
Science Academy Squishy Balls LabScience Academy Squishy Balls LabScience Academy Squishy Balls LabScience Academy Squishy Balls Lab

Squishy Balls Lab

  • Uncover your inner calm and make your own stress balls with this soothing, sensory science lab kit. Kids will love creating 4 squishy slime stress balls, 2 oobleck stress balls and a mesmerizing mini relaxation jar. Exciting mix-ins like glitter, pom-poms and beads add sparkle and sensory stimulation. As kids learn about the chemical properties of oobleck, the non-Newtonian fluid that becomes a solid, they’ll also discover the chemistry clues behind ooze. It’s a set of cool science projects for kids that will leave them feeling smart and centered!

    – Make 6 stress balls with fun mix-ins plus a mini mindfulness jar!
    – Encourages an early interest in chemistry and science for kids.
    – Helps kids practice relieving stress in healthy ways.
    – Includes 6 clear balloons, PVA glue base, sodium liquid, corn starch, glitter, beads, pom-poms, small mixing bowl, small jar, stir sticks, funnel, red, yellow and blue coloring plus a step-by-step instruction guide.
    – Ages 8 and up

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