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One to Ten NYC
One to Ten NYC, PuckOne to Ten NYC, PuckOne to Ten NYC, PuckOne to Ten NYC, Puck

One to Ten NYC

  • Counting to 10 in 10 languages is made easy with this global snapshot of the Big Apple. Featuring the numbers in the 10 most common languages spoken in New York City—including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi—One to Ten NYC captures the most iconic images of the most diverse city in the world. This board book has charming images that pair with rhythmic text and big bold numbers to take the readers on a counting trip though the “City That Never Sleeps.”

    Author: Puck
    Illustrator: Charla Pettingill

    Age range: 1-3 Years

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Located in the West Village in downtown NYC Teich Toys & Books is a family run toy store
offering engaging and inspiring products for New York City kids and visitors of all ages.