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Mini Squigz
Suction Building Set
Fat Brain Toy, Mini Squigz 75 PieceFat Brain Toy, Mini Squigz 75 Piece

Mini Squigz
Suction Building Set

  • You’ll start idly toying with these miniSquigz and soon find that an hour has gone by! These miniature versions of the original Squigz are 40% smaller, but just as much fun. You get heaping handfuls of the bouncy, jiggly, suction-y toys in each bucket for endless building fun. Stick them to each other or any non-porous surface, like your bathroom mirror, your office window, or the playroom walls.

    – For ages 3 years and up
    – 75 pieces
    – Five different shapes
    – Leaves no residue or marks on surfaces
    – Made of 100% high-quality silicone
    – BPA-free

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