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Spectacular Magic Set
Fantasma, Spectacular Magic SetFantasma, Spectacular Magic Set

Spectacular Magic Set

  • This Spectacular Magic Set comes with everything you need to perform over 135 tricks. The illusions are easy to learn and come with a Book of Secrets to guide you through all the steps of becoming a great magician. Change one card into another, vanish a card and even restore a torn card with the Magic Card Box, instantly unscramble a scrambled Puzzle Cube, make any small object float in mid-air with our Secret Levitation Device, and much more!

    – Ages 6 & up
    – Set includes: zig zag lady with 2 cards, psychic card deck, magic puzzle cube, box and shell, magic card box, 2 gold cards, secret levitation gadget, magic bottle, sliding tip wand, instruction video download, and Book of Secrets

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